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PVC profile lamination machine

PVC profile lamination machine: the Düspohl innovation

Keeping pace with the market is one thing, anticipating the trends and pioneering new technologies is another. This is what Düspohl has endeavoured to do since the company that manufactures profile laminating machines has been in business. And now we do it with our range of PVC profile lamination machine

We supply companies around the world who perform profile wrapping or foiling, either for themselves or as third-party contractors. Building the most efficient, high-performance lines, using the latest technologies developed in-house, we enable our customers to increase quality, boost productivity and maximise profits.

We focus on reducing set-up times and running costs, implementing high-tech automation to increase processing precision and always prioritise sustainability. Our solutions ensure process reproducibility and technical reliability.

For years, we have been listening carefully to our customers, responding to their real needs, and since 2005, we are part of Cefla Finishing, the global market’s most trusted partner for surface finishing technologies. 

PVC profile laminating machine: applications and results

Our full range of machines can be found in the furniture manufacturing industry, yet when it concerns PVC profiles, these are usually used for windows in the construction industry.

Every PVC wrapping machine goes from compact wrapping lines with medium-speed machinery up to high-power lines implementing automated systems used on multiple shifts, especially common with contractors who need to frequently change processing parameters or colours.

In particular, we focus on equipment which easily handles small batches, aiming at optimising the ratio between set-up and production times.

Düspohl: your pvc profile laminating machine factory

Since we have been developing PVC profile laminating machines, every new step forward has improved performance and enabled our customers to achieve better results.  We have designed several different lines to laminate window profiles in PVC, customising a number of features in agreement with the customer.

Issues are addressed with innovative answers. We have developed reliable, energy-efficient solutions to melt all sorts of hot melt glues. This ensures long-lasting adhesion, which is vital to preserve the durable quality of the product.

An aspect we have pioneered is automation.  Automated set-up procedures are faster, more precise, they reduce waste material and contribute to safety in the workplace.

This is a selection of the PVC profile laminating machines we design and manufacture.

MultiWrap Window

MultiWrap Window is the allrounder machine which offers a wide range of options/extras.

It is a powerful line also for higher production speeds and the machine configuration will be tailormade for you to foil all different kinds of PVC profiles.

It is a very flexible machine and can process the following:

  • window profiles
  • window sills
  • other PVC profiles
  • profiles made from metal.

RoboWrap Window

RoboWrap Window is a highly automated machine that handles batch size 1 and answers the demand for custom-designed laminating tasks. In each bar of our RoboWrap window we can get a different color and we can guarantee the same very low installation time, regardless of the profile shape which can be similar or completely different.

A digitised concept which has been developed alongside engineers, university teams and software specialists, it is an Industry 4.0 standard machine that is a benchmark amidst today’s laminating equipment.

MultiWrap Spacer

MultiWrap Spacer performs gas-proof wrapping of PVC spacers for double or triple glazed windows. With MultiWrap Spacer we can foil up to four spacer bars in one run inline. 

As a leading name in profile laminating technologies, backed by the global scope of Cefla Finishing, we would be happy to advise you on the choice of your PVC profile lamination machine. Together, we can establish the best configuration in line with your specific needs, answering all the issues you face on a daily basis, but also providing a solution which will ensure better performance, better efficiency and a tangible return on your investment.

Get in touch with us for a free-of-charge consultancy.