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Higher productivity, lower investment volume


High quality multi-layer parquet: continuous press

The traditional production of parquet using large presses represents a multi-step, time-consuming process that sets tight limits in terms of productivity. A continuous press enables higher output and immediate further processing of the parquet strips.

Duespohl has developed and realised a machine design that aims at high productivity and process efficiency. A continuous press joins base material and top layer in an on-going high-speed process. This type of machine works with hot melt glue, meaning that lengthy post-pressing or drying are not necessary. The adhesion achieved by the hot melt glue is high quality and is extremely long-lasting.


Continuous press: Maximum efficiency

The design of the machine is also impressive in terms of materials purchasing, space occupation and productivity. The purchase of work pieces is very cost-effective, since base materials of different lengths can be acquired. Depending on availability and current pricing, you can always make the most convenient choice. Also, employing hot melt glue instead of PVAC reduces the amount of adhesive consumed by up to 50% for the same amount of produced parquet strips.
The output of the Xpress Parquet machine will impress the production team: It works at up to 100 m/min. However, it is modest in its space requirements: the standard unit without options occupies only 12.5 m x 2.5 m.


Duespohl has already built and delivered four lines of this type.

These have been – and are - producing reliably for premium parquet producers.


Meeting all quality requirements

The hot melt glue ensures a strong and long-lasting adhesion. Since it contains only solid particles and has a very short open time, the pressed strips keep their shape. This quality keeps the consumer happy since it makes placing the parquet much easier.

A special type of PUR adhesive has been developed for the continuous press. 


Thanks to the high level of automation, our highly qualified employees and the flexibility of the XPress line, we are able to produce our parquet by Scheucher efficiently and customised in different formats and using different types of layers.

Klaus Bauer - Scheucher



Klaus Bauer is Head of Research and Development at Scheucher




The photo shows Karl Scheucher jun. and Karl Scheucher in front of the efficiently producing parquet press which was installed in 2018. 


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