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Infeed belt-system

Infeed belt-system

The infeed-belt is our solution for the automatic infeed with stackable profiles. 

Infeed Systems

Ideal for

  • Drawers
  • Plinth panels  & skirting boards
  • Other profiles made from wood (composites)
  • Pannelling
  • Doors for furniture and kitchens
  • Panels and boards, wood & PVC
  • Furniture bodies
  • Parquet

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We produce this infeed system for profile wrapping lines in the lengths 2600, 3000 and 4000.
It features a control system that can generate or close gaps between the profiles, depending on the project's requirements.
An automatic infeed system enables higher speeds and process safety. It also makes sure you can maintain productivity when staff is currently not available.


  • Closes gaps between the profiles

  • Lateral arresters can be positioned to make sure that profiles will always be introduced centrally into the machine

  • Employing automatic infeed and outfeed systems, one operator will be free for other tasks that cannot be automated

  • Enables creation of gaps if required

  • Especially suitable for connected lines, for example in connection with moulding machines (drawers, frames,...)

Final product samples

Plinth panels  & skirting boards

Plinth panels & skirting boards

Furniture bodies

Furniture bodies



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