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Reel with barcode and printer

New System ReelScan | Corporate News Düspohl

At LIGNA 2023, Duespohl presented the new system ReelScan that simplifies the identification of the surface material reel that matches the next profile wrapping job. In addition, it enables data storage and transfer to the ERP which you can use to optimise your warehouse management.  

The new solution includes a printer connected to the slitting machine AutoCut which prints stickers with bar codes. These store information on length, colour and width of the cut reels. You can use this sticker to fix the end of the reel. 


The profile wrapping line has been equipped with a scanner so you can doublecheck by scanning the barcode whether the reel in your hands matches the next profile wrapping job. 


Of course the profile wrapping line can also be equipped with a printer for barcode stickers that fix the end of the reel and contain information on the length left after the last profile wrapping job. Via an interface, the data can be transferred to your ERP so your warehouse managers can look up the availability of surface material at any time. This simplifies inventory and optimises the entire production process since you always know whether sufficient surface material  in the required colours is available. 


Watch the video to see Andreas Jaeger and Benjamin Demirel perform a print-scan-process.