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DigiApp is a digital dosing system for the primer application using felt strips. 
Adding a DigiApp to your new or existing profile wrapping machine, you will benefit from a uniform and reproducible dosing - independently from the production speed. The reliably constant applied quantity significantly increases process safety and prevents eventual claims.
Primer application systems

Ideal for

  • Window profiles
  • Window sills
  • Other PVC profiles

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As an automated solution for the dosing of primer when working with a felt strip application system, it does not only adjust the dosing automatically to variations in production speeds, it also keeps the felt tongues from drying out or dripping when production is interrupted. Additionally, it monitors the values of the solvent emissions.
DigiApp will also ease the operator's working routine, so that he will be able to focus on other tasks. The machine comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen. Corrections can be done simply and immediately. Also, the containers for primer and cleaning products have been ergonomically arranged.

The standard equipment includes:

  • For VOC-reduced, MCL or MEK primer

  • 8 individually acting pumps, expandable to 16

  • Saves up to 500 settings

  • Intuitive operating via Touch Screen


DigiApp Cabin

Tubes coming from DigiApp connected to felt strip holders


DigiApp connected to cabin

Tubes coming out of DigiApp connected to primer application begin




  • No dripping of primer when production stops immediately

  • Primer consumption can be calculated

  • Values of solvent emissions will be monitored automatically

Final product samples

Window profiles

Window profiles

Window sills

Window sills

Other PVC profiles

Other PVC profiles

Other PVC profiles

Other PVC profiles


Nigel Coombes - Homeline UK

Duespohl equipment has proved to be very reliable and has enabled us to meet and sometimes exceed our customer demands. The DigiApp has enabled us to accurately apply low VOC primer to our products which has both economic and environmental benefits. MulitiWrap is extremely user friendly enabling quick product change overs.

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