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SynCut V330

SynCut V330
SynCut V330 is a flying cut-off saw to separate vertically wrapped drawers and similar profiles made from wood and wood composites. 
Separating systems

Ideal for

  • Drawers

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The highly dynamic design of the machine makes sure that also short lengths will be separated accurately, even when producing at a high pace.
The operator does not need to re-program the saw when changing from one profile to another since the intelligent control unit makes sure that the joint will be traced - independently from the lengths of the profiles and the production speed.
That is why working with SynCut V330 means little effort and high efficiency!


  • High cutting quality

  • Can be retrofitted to any vertically working wrapping machine processing pieces of up to 330 mm

  • Highly dynamic cutting process

  • Cutting unit is being digitally synchronised to the work piece while separating

  • Recognition of joint by laser technology

Final product samples

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