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EdgeCut is Duespohl's solution for the cutting of edge material. Its base is an unwinding-rewinding-process. 
EdgeCut processes edge material made from ABS, PVC, PP, paper, thermoplastic foils, laminates or fleece backed veneer up to a thickness of 2 mm. 
This system does not only minimise the potential hazard to the operator, but also shortens setup times dramatically.
Edge cutting machines

Ideal for

  • Edge material

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The cutting system developed by Duespohl makes it possible to cut and wind absolutely free of burrs and crease-whitening. The result is the highest quality in cutting thin papers, thermoplastic films and up to 2 mm thick edge materials, such as ABS or PVC. One of the biggest challenges was the fully automatic knife positioning as Duespohl’s well-known AutoCut performs it. The user specifies the desired cutting widths individually via touchscreen or retrieves them from a database. The adjustment process is completed in less than two minutes and guarantees a cutting width tolerance of no more than +/- 0.1 mm.

Technical data

  • Material thickness: up to 2 mm, depending on material qualities
  • Working width up to 700 m
  • Strip width min.: 18 mm
  • Roll diameter max.: 700 mm
  • Cutting speed: 10-150 m/min

The optional equipment includes:

  • Automatic knife positioning

  • Auxiliary to position cardboard cores easily and speed up set-up times

  • Rewinding with friction winding shaft for equal rewinding results of all reels

  • Deionisation system


  • Reels will be rewound with edges aligned

  • High drive power for ultra-tight winding results

  • Constant tension during unwinding and rewinding for constant rewinding results

  • Sensitive rewinding for sandwich foils with acrylic layers

Final product samples


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