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PowerMelt is an extremely efficient and energy saving premelting unit for all common adhesives in granulate form. 
Premelter & Slot Nozzle

Ideal for

  • MultiWrap Wood
  • PowerWrap Wood
  • MultiWrap Wide
  • PowerWrap Wide

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One of PowerMelt’s unique selling points is that the required melting energy of the extruder is being exclusively generated by the drive when operating. The extremely short amount of time for heating up and the self cleaning functioning guarantee a high level of availability. With a melting power of 60, 120 or 300 kg/h (EVA) depending on which model you prefer, PowerMelt allows you to maximise your output.
His energy demand is extremely low: at a melting capacity of 120 kg/h it consumes only 7,5 kW/h. Since the extruder is a self-cleaning system, you need not waste time on any of this kind of work.
PowerMelt by Duespohl does not only convince by its performance, but also by its production quality.
The screw-like geometry guarantees absolutely homogenous melting, even of high thermal glue granulates, as required when operating with a slot coater application. The temperature at which the glue leaves will always automatically correspond to the melting point of the adhesive used. This way of functioning prevents burnings completely and is essential for an interruption-free process.


  • High melting capacity

  • Extremely efficient

  • Low demand for energy (30%)

  • No cleaning required

  • No interruptions during production due to refill

  • Automatic temperature control

  • Can be retrofitted to all machines and application ranges

  • It is also possible to supply adhesive directly using a bigpack


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