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The automatic reel changing system ReelWizard cannot exactly do magic, but there‘s no doubt it will remarkably increase the productivity of the wrapping industry.
It even makes batch size „one“ possible: Each subsequent profile can be wrapped with a different foil while producing at a normal pace. This way, our new solution minimizes downtimes due to reel changes. As a result, it will increase productivity, flexibility and your ROI.
Unwinding systems

Ideal for

  • Window profiles
  • Other PVC profiles


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Especially in the window profile wrapping sector, the frequent change of decor is as responsible for downtimes and productivity losses as the time-consuming set-up between two different profile geometries. Additionally, every foil change means a loss of decorative material, adhesive and work pieces.
The brand new reel changing system ReelWizard enables an uninterrupted wrapping process applying thermoplastic decor foils. It has been designed to make sure that the joint will always be placed between two profiles. The necessary distance between the profile bars will be created automatically. This distance will be kept as short as possible to guarantee that the subsequent wrapping process will be undisturbed.


  • Decor change without interruption of wrapping process

  • Higher flexibility

  • Especially interesting for small batch sizes

  • Joint placed between two profiles

  • Less loss of surface material and time

  • No loss of work pieces

  • Increased productivity

  • Minimisation of downtimes

  • No double-faced adhesive tape required

  • Especially for PVC sector

  • Perfect add-on to optimise productivity of MultiWrap Window or RoboWrap

Final product samples

Other PVC profiles

Other PVC profiles

Window profiles

Window profiles

Window profiles

Window profiles

Other PVC profiles

Other PVC profiles


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