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Reduce set-up times

The trend towards more and more individualisation in interior decoration, furniture production and other sectors which work with wrapped profiles or laminated boards has been going on for years and does not seem to stop in the near future. The constantly decreasing batch sizes often cause an efficiency endangering disproportion between time needed for set-up and the actual production time. Now we need systems and mechanisms to lower the set-up times in all components.
Duespohl has developed efficient solutions to lower set-up times and increase the output significantly to make sure you will always have a pole position in the competition!


Reel changing systems

Set-up times mainly depend on the change of profile geometry, but the choice of décors has grown too and developed into a central cause for downtimes that affect the total productivity. Interruptions due to the change of the surface material reel also mean that the entire process has to stopped – and restarted. Every stop means a loss of adhesive, surface and core material.
The easiest solution is the double unwinding station. The ends of reels will be taped to realise a transition from one décor to the other without stopping the production. This solution is especially suitable for offline lines and normal production speeds.
As a premium version for all common surface materials, we have developed ReelChange Wood with which you can increase your productivity by up to 33%. It is suitable for wrapping at high speeds and inline production processes. The control system also enables you to program how many profiles are to be wrapped with a certain décor. Once the desired quantity has been reached, it changes automatically.
Especially for the foiling with PVC surface material, we have introduced a special highlight: the ReelWizard. It enables batch size one, meaning that each profile can be wrapped with another décor during production.


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Avoid downtimes and boost your productivity


PrimeStar – Reliable primer application

The primer application system PrimeStar works with profile specific application heads that replace the traditional felt strip application. While cutting felt strips can take up to 30 minutes or more, changing a PrimeStar application head takes only 20 seconds. Apart from the unbeatably low set-up time, this system also features crucial quality advantages like a constant homogeneous application independent from the profile geometry. This also means a shorter drying time enabling a higher production speed.


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Optimise primer application


Automatic format adjustment

The automatic format adjustment, an essential element of the fully automatic RoboWrap, offers profile wrapping and lamating lines with a classic wrapping zone a high potential for lowering set-up times. The operator simply pushes the button and it positions the guiding rails, transport wells, primer application supports, brushes and other components.
This solution does not only lower set-up times and economise human work force, it also guarantees the exact reproduction of the saved, optimal settings contributing a great deal to process safety and product quality.


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Also for lines with classic wrapping zone


Systems for the lowering of set-up times in the wrapping zone

You can reach the maximum set-up time reduction by working with RoboWrap that features six-axes articulated robots that position the pressure rollers within no time, no matter how similar the succeeding profile geometry is. In combination with the automatic format adjustment and PrimeStar, set-up of the entire line is performed within minutes, requiring a minimum of human intervention. The positions saved as “optimal” will be reproduced exactly, even considering the alteration of the pressure rollers’ shape caused by wear and tear. Adding a automatic reel changing system, the mere change of surface material only takes zero minutes.


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Minimise set-up times maximally


Solutions for classic wrapping zones

Duespohl also offers many smart solutions to lower the set-up times in machines with classic wrapping zones. There is the grid system for the transport wheels which ensures the parallel positioning across all axes. The quick-fix system allows for a fast, tool-less positioning of pressure rollers. The central width adjustment can be added on one or both sides and is especially suitable for a quick changeover between profiles with similar geometries and different widths.
The automatic format adjustment can also be implemented in the wrapping zone enabling a motor-driven positioning of the transport wheels and – if desired – pressure rollers holders. The great advantages of this solution are the time saved and the reproducibility of the settings. It allows you to save the ideal position of transport rollers for each profile.

Would you like to reduce set-up times?

We’ll be happy to help you to optimise your productivity and quality. Please tell us which country you are from so the Sales Engineer responsable for that region will contact you directly.