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DrawerLine 250H

DrawerLine 250H
Are you looking for a flexible solution for 360° wrapping of profiles up to a width of 250 mm? Here it is! DrawerLine 250H is the perfect solution for complete wrapping of different kinds of profiles such as drawers, bodies or other furniture parts. 
Equipped with the flying cut-off saw SynCut, it produces at up to 80 m/min.
Profile wrapping line wood (composites)

Ideal for

  • Drawers
  • Furniture bodies

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DrawerLine 250H is ideal for users who not only wrap drawers, but also related workpieces like furniture bodies or other parts with the same machine. To help you increase your flexibility, we have designed this solution in a way that enables you to switch from one profile geometry to another as fast as possible.
It wraps the work pieces horizontally which is the easiest way to prevent process perturbations.
A system of the SynCut series is the perfect finale of the DrawerLine 250H. These flying cut off saws are characterised by their large cutting range and their impressive performance. They not only separate wrapped profiles, but also cut them into defined lengths.

The standard equipment on this series of machines includes:

  • Single unwinding station with tension control

  • World-famous Duespohl SlotCoater

  • Width adjustment wrapping zone for quick set-up

  • Synchronised SynCut cut-off saw

The optional equipment on this series of machines includes:

  • Infeed belt-system

  • Double or automatic unwinding station for reel change without machine stop

  • Foil heating system for better and more economic glue application


Wrapping zone

360° wrapping for work pieces of up to 250 mm



A special configuration of MultiWrap Wood including the single unwinding station, foil heating system, UniMelt, Slot Coater and SynCut 150B



of the pressure and guide roller


  • Enables a continuously horizontal process chain

  • Numerous mechanisms to shorten set-up time

  • Speed up to 80 m/min

  • Optionally with automatic reel changer for uninterruptible production

  • Minimal glue consumption thanks to application by slot coater with constant dosing

  • Direct processing of wrapped workpieces

  • For profiles up to 250 mm width

  • Low investment volume

Final product samples




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